Costco Drug Prices

Costco Drug Prices

Lots of comparisons have been made between Costco drug prices and other chain pharmacies nationwide. The results on all of them agree to the fact that drug prices at Costco offer the most savings for their members and non members without any drug prescription coverage.

One case study in particular done by Consumer Reports a few years back revealed that some of the most popular prescription drugs that became available in generic form were sold at the lowest prices at Costco and at the highest prices  at CVS Caremark.

Consumer Reports conducted its case study by using “mystery shoppers” who called more than 150 pharmacies throughout the United States to get retail prices, without using insurance, on a month’s supply of five most common drugs that have become available as generics.

The drugs were:

 costco drug pricesActos (pioglitazone).- For diabetes

 Lexapro (escitalopram).- Antidepressant

 Lipitor (atorvastatin).- For cholesterol

Plavix (clopidogrel).- Blood thinner, and

asthma drug Singulair (montelukast).

There was a difference of $749 between the highest and lowest priced stores. It’s also been said as a result of the case study that the main reasons why Costco is able to offer cheaper prices is because CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen and others, draw most of their profits from the pharmacy, while Costco, Sam’s Club and other discount stores consider their pharmacies throw-ins that help bulk up foot traffic.

CVS, in particular, also factors in the cost of drive-through windows, automated prescription refill systems, prescription consultation and 24-hour pharmacies that Costco’s Monday-Saturday service lacks.

To find the most current Costco’s preferred drug list please visit this link. If you find your drug in that list and want to find out it’s price then go here.