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This pharmacy discount network card site is about bringing YOU, the consumer, the highest discounts possible in your drug prescriptions every time is needed.

Did you know that:

  • 100 Million People have no Prescription Benefit Program
  • 10 Million People Medicare Age that fall into the “Donut Hole”, or Coverage Gap
  • 40 Million Immigrants without insurance.
  • Depending on your insurance, not all drugs are covered
  • your drug may not be part of the 4 dollar plan at pharmacies

If you are one of these people, then this pharmacy discount network card is for you!

Owning this prescription discount card is like paying for the best insurance. The discounts you get are as good if not better.

pharmacy discount network pharmacy discount network cardWe are able to provide you with simply the best pharmacy discount network card available in the market and in America today and soon you will see why. Best of all It Is Free and you can print it right here right now and start saving up to 90% in generics prescriptions and from 14% to 25% in brand name medications ! This card is accepted in over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide including most chains like Walmart, Costco, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Safeway, Publix, Winn Dixie, Eckerd, Randalls and thousands of independent pharmacies all over the United States.

This Free Pharmacy Discount Network Card is brought to you by IncareRx.

InCareRx is a FREE Pharmacy Program created by a group of medical companies including ( one of their largest custom molded insert manufactures for therapeutic shoes ),, and Due to their close relationship in the pharmaceutical industry, they can negotiate lower prices on behalf of their members!… and best of all membership is FREE!

InCareRx is proud to provide you and your family with a FREE PHARMACY DISCOUNT NETWORK CARD!

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There are many other prescription discount cards available in the market. Some are free as well, others you pay for or are available through a program but our card is the pharmacies favorite, their clients favorite and soon will be your favorite.

These are the reason why is the favorite Pharmacy Discount Network Card in America:

1. It’s Free ! Everyone is eligible for this program. There are no age or income restrictions and  it’s absolutely FREE!

2. Save from 15% up to 90% on all FDA approve brand and generic drugs
You can save up to 90% and even more in generic prescriptions and anywhere from 14% to 25% in brand names! The highest savings in brand names you will ever find!
Note: Some websites will make you print coupons saving up to 75 to 85% on brand name drugs as specials they have, but when you go print them it say save up to 75 to 85% which means that you could get a discount of only 2%. With this card you will save anywhere from 14 to 25%! In fact you could even find out how much the cost will roughly be before going to the pharmacy.

3. The average savings is over 60%! No one beats these prices, you get the most savings. A CVS card saves only 10% while the majority of all the other discount cards out there average anywhere from 30 to 45%. IncareRx Cards are different, and focus on the drugs that matter the most, including but not limited to Pain Management, Cancer, Excluded Drugs such as dermatology and ED, and those often needed Prozac’s and Xanax’s of the world. They put their patients first!

InCareRx HAS THE HIGHEST OVERALL Discounts in the industry, and the lowest fees of ANY Free Prescription Drug Card – this is why they work!

4. This card may be used at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including most major chains like: Eckerd Pharmacy, Target, Costco, Walmart, Walgreen, CVS, Publix, Randalls, Winn Dixie, Kroger, Albertsons, Savons, Safeway, Rite Aid, Longs, etc and thousands of independent pharmacies all across the U.S !

5. No need to shop around! You will get the same discount no matter which participating pharmacy you go to. You will save the same going to CVS than going to Walmart for example.

6. Unlike the other discount cards they accept, we don’t compete with pharmacies by offering Mail Order ( HIPAA Compliant ). IncareRx focuses on bringing major discounts to the consumer and hoping to increase pharmacy traffic with loyal customers.

7. They respect their members privacy by not sharing their personal information! Many cards out there, specially the ones you get in the mail, will get your information and share it with other companies so they can sell you and present you offers related to you and maybe even mail order competing with the pharmacy instead of helping them out. IncareRx doesn’t.

8. No Expiration Date! You and your family members can use the card over and over again for as long as you want. Just present it to the pharmacy and they will input it in their system with all your other information.

9. It is NOT an insurance card! It is just a savings card and can not be used in conjunction with your insurance card. You can pick and choose which one will give you the most savings. The one thing you should know is that this Free card is in the patient’s best interest, often with Generics even when compared to their $10, $20, and $40 Copays this card can be less than their insurance card. For those patients in the “coverage gap” or “donut hole”, this helps. Numerous drugs are not covered by insurance and may not be an option on all 4 dollar pharmacy list !

For example, they saved one patient over $1000 on a drug used while they are in Chemotherapy that reduces their nausea so they can keep food down:

”$1199.99 for Ondansetron which reduces vomiting in cancer patients during chemotherapy and by making them aware of our free program, they only had to pay $198.80”

11. No Deductible, No Medical Questions, No Paperwork

12. You can go online to the IncareRx price calculator and find out how much you will pay at the pharmacy and you can also use their pharmacy locator tool to find the closest participating drug store in your neighborhood!

Here is a price comparison chart with our closest competitor

Comparison Chart vs

TAB 5-500MG 30 Day $36.28   $13.67 62% $10.96 70%
HYDROCODONE/ACETAMINOPHEN TAB 10-325MG 30 Day $49.41 $18.17 63% $13.96 72%
ALPRAZOLAM TAB 0.5MG30 Day $38.88 $7.66 80% $6.06 84%
AZITHROMYCIN TAB 250MG6 Day $74.42 $14.96 79% $13.44 82%
TRAMADOL HCL TAB 50MG30 Day $45.03 $10.23 77% $9.28 80%
ALPRAZOLAM TAB2MG30 Day $79.23 $13.85 82% $8.98 88%
ZOLPIDEM TARTRATE TAB 10MG30 Day $164.66 $11.75 92% $7.97 95%
AMOXICILLIN CAP 500MG28 Days $26.39 $9.97 62% $9.55 64%
CLONAZEPAM TAB1MG30 Day $37.72 $10.66 71% $7.07 81%
ALPRAZOLAM TAB1MG30 Day $48.97 $7.66 84% $6.06 87%
PHENTERMINE HCL TAB 37.5MG 30 Day $72.01 $22.37 68% $22.37 68%
CLONAZEPAM TAB 0.5MG30 Day $34.98 $10.66 69% $6.54 81%
CYCLOBENZAPRINE HCL TAB 10MG30 Day $53.68 $12.57 76% $7.77 85%
AMLODIPINE BESYLATE TAB 10MG30 Day $83.63 $12.77 84% $9.50 88%
CARISOPRODOL TAB 350MG 120 Day $406.56 $24.98 93% $24.98 93%
76.1% 81.2%

Note: Retails prices were current at the moment of the writing of this page they may not be accurate at the moment.

Like you see IncareRx offers maximum discounts for their consumers!

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